Turbocast® 1.6mm

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Item number: T16s

TURBOCAST® is a unique low temperature thermoplastic material with thin foam coating on both sides. It is ideal for splinting, casting and bracing applications. TURBOCAST® is a basis of a very flexible product line which successfully caters to the demands of occupational therapists, cast technicians, orthotists and other medical practitioners. TURBOCAST® clearly stands out among other thermoplastic materials due to its unique properties.

Patented foam coating further improves the characteristic advantages of the TURBOCAST® product line by:

  • Assuring that the thermoplastic does not stick to itself in hot water, thus, sizable surfaces can be put in a small hot-water container.
  • The foam coating prevents thermoplastic from adhering to the body hair and bandages.
  • Parts of the material adhere to each other only if pressed firmly together: no accidental bonding, no need for solvents!
  • The foam allows for air transfer between the patent’s skin and the thermoplastic, which reduces the risk of skin cafing.


The sheets are 60x43cm and come in 4 colours.

Product codes: skin T16s, celeste T16c, green T16g, fuchsia T16f