NRX® Strap Double

NRX® Double is mostly used when applying over the hip or torso when a grip on the inside against the skin is not needed. The stability is higher than in the NRX® Strap with a more controlled stretch. The inside and outside have the same elastic velcro fabric. NRX® Double can also be used as a rotation band over, for example, the hip or as a lighter anchor when friction is not needed against the skin.

• Medium-high stability
• Controlled stretch
• Velcro fabric on both sides

The NRX® Strap Double is available in four different widths; 30mm, 50mm, 110mm & 300mm. The length of the roll is 3.1 meters and pre-punched low-profile hook parts are included in the package (not in 300 mm). 
These low profile hook parts can also be purchased separately, see NRX® Hook or on a roll NRX® Low Profile Hook.