NRX® Neptune

The NRX® Strap Neptune™ is a new quality in the NRX® Strap range. It is made with a newly developed loop fabric with a lower profile than the regular NRX® Strap. The micro-cell foam core is also slightly thinner, and micro perforated for optimal ventilation. The inside of the material is lined with the Neptune™ material, developed by Mediroyal. It is hydrodynamic, absorbs moisture and dries quickly. 

The characteristics of the material features:
-Medium/High Stability
-Medium/High restricted stretch
-Lined with Neptune™ on the inside

NRX® Strap Neptune™ has been designed to increase comfort for the patient along with providing a higher compression and controlled stretch. This makes it suitable for applications that includes dynamic extension/flexion but also for patients that wants less skin friction compared to the regular NRX® Strap. The Neptune™ lining on the inside makes the inside soft and comfortable and the material becomes more durable when cutting holes for dynamic slings and loops. It also makes application easier for the patient. To make it possible to involve two fingers in extension loop applications the width has been increased to 60 mm on the middle width. The widest quality is available in 120 mm.