Proxi® Trigger Splint-w/s

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The Mediroyal Proxi® Trigger Splint is made with a combination of molecular modified thermoplastic that makes it possible to shape without heating it. The thermoplastic has been reinforced with a malleable aluminum part that will assist the thermoplastic and make it possible to keep the desired shape during activity. Both materials are laminated onto a Neptune™ textile that offers breathability and a high comfort for the patient. The top surface is a laminated loop fabric where hook straps can be attached. The finger loop design makes the application and adjustment easy for the patient and the splint is held in place by an NRX Strap PLUS that is non-elastic, with a friction surface on the inside. The NRX Strap is positioned directly onto the splint platform and secured around the hand with the enclosed hook tabs. 

The platform can also be re-shaped by using hot water, this might be useful when using it for thumbs. Adjust the desired flexion of the platform by bending the metal part. Then open the hook strap and immerse the complete splint into hot water 75-80 degrees C. When soft, remove from the water and place it on a dry towel to absorb the excess moisture. Then close the finger loop and apply over the finger/thumb. Adjust the shape of the platform and if necessary, adjust the metal splint. Let it cool completely. 

The splint is available in three different sizes and lengths. The circumference around the finger is adjustable. 

Please note that the measurement for the length of the plate should be taken approx. 5 mm below the PIP joint down into the palm.

Indications: Trigger Finger, Trigger Thumb, Stenosing Tendovaginitis



Product Code: MR2702-w/s