Proxi® DIP/PIP Finger splint-w/s

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Finger injuries are often quite problematic as immobilization also disturbs the function of the finger but might be necessary for the healing process. The new Mediroyal Proxi® DIP/PIP finger splint provides a good compromise with a low profile design, stability, support, and compression that can be applied both for a DIP or PIP joint. 

The Proxi® DIP/PIP splint is made from a combination of laminated molecular modified thermoplastic that can be shaped without heating. The thermoplastic has been laminated onto a Neptune™ textile material that is breathable and has a high skin comfort. The top surface is a laminated loop fabric where the hook strap can be attached. The finger loop design makes application easy and secure. 

The splint is available in two sizes and lengths. The circumference around the finger is adjustable. 

The design is protected by one or more of the following Registered EU Community Designs; 009059181-0001 and 009059181-0002

Indications: Swelling After Trauma, Trigger Finger, Rheumatoid Arthritis


    Size            Circumference DIP/PIP       Lenght

  1.               40-55 mm                        30 mm
  2.               50-65 mm                        38 mm


Product Code: MR2701-w/s