Mediroyal Multi-finger Splint-w/s

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Item number: 2008-1-w/s

Injuries to the fingers are one of the most complex to treat as the splint needs to have a low profile, be functional and yet versatile and flexible. After an extensive development work and material tests we have come up with our own Multi Finger Splint that can be used for various finger problems. It is a versatile splint that comes in 14 different sizes/lengths and in a neutral light gray color. 

The design is made from injection molded nylon and polypropylene that provides rigidity and stability but, yet a flexibility. The material composition is thermo-moldable by using a heat gun. Optimal temperature is 140-160 degrees C. As a part of the design work, we have also made one of the sides of the splint a bit wider, adding a “plus” mark on the outside of that part. As most fingers are conical, this makes application easier as it allows the splint to be alternated to fit the finger better. The splint can be washed in soap and water or with disinfection alcohol. 

The splint can be turned on the finger for different stability; both for extension, flexion or deviation. 

Example of applications

  • Extension support to DIP or PIP joint for swan neck deformity or hyper mobility.
  • Flexion support to the DIP or PIP joint for mallet finger, boutonniere deformity, trigger finger/thumb.
  • Deviation support to the DIP or PIP joint for ulnar/radial deviation or collateral ligament injuries.

The Mediroyal Multi Finger Splint is available in a single pack, a 3-pack and an assortment pack with one piece of each size. 

Indications: Swan Neck Deformity, Mallet Finger, Boutonniere Deformity, Trigger Finger



    Size    Circumference PIP (mm)      Length of the splint (mm)

  1.       42-43                                 26
  2.       44-46                                 29
  3.       46-50                                 31
  4.       50-55                                 33
  5.       55-58                                 33
  6.       58-60                                 35
  7.       60-62                                 39
  8.       62-65                                 39
  9.       65-68                                 40
  10.       67-71                                 43
  11.       71-74                                 43
  12.       74-77                                 45
  13.       77-81                                 45
  14.       81-84                                 45


Product Code: 2008-w/s, 2009-w/s