ARX® Twin-Bandage for fingers and toes-w/s

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Finger or toe injuries are hard to treat since immobilization is not always the solution to a functional solution. Assisting the affected finger or toe by connecting it to the next finger or toe can be a functional and effective solution that has been used by therapists for many years. 

Up until now most twin bandages have been relying on a hook and loop closure. The hook might create a problem with skin irritation but also catching clothes and fabrics. The new ARX® Twin-Bandage is the solution. It is made from a patented material using micro-fibers that attaches to itself. It’s not a replacement for hook and loop as the shear strength of the material is not as high but when the material is attached over a smaller radius friction of the material will increase, creating a stable connection. 

The Twin-Bandage has a fixed loop that is attached to the finger/toe and the strap is then secured around the finger/toe next to it. The most effective way is to try to attach the Twin-Bandage both above and below the affected joint in order to get a better support and assistance. 

ARX® Twin Bandage is available in 13 mm width and universally sized

The ARX® material is also available as straps, ARX® Soft Strap,  with the widths 30 mm, 50 mm and 110 mm. 

Indications: Spasticity, Post-Finger Fractures, Instabilities


Product Code: EU448013-w/s ARX® Twin-Bandage 5-pack

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