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Proxi® DeQuervain Stable is a new orthotic solution for treating patients suffering from De Quervain's Tenosynovitis. The design has been developed by Hand Therapist Christina Hall at Handcenter in Gothenburg, Sweden and has been design protected. The orthosis effectively stabilizes the wrist and thumb and off-loads the APL and EPB tendons. The construction is made from the Mediroyal Proxi® technique that is unique, a molecular modified thermoplastic that can be adjusted without using hot water or a heatgun. The thermoplastic is laminated to a hydrodynamic Neptune™ textile material which provides a breathable and comfortable material for the patient. The top surface is made from a loop textile where the hook tabs can be attached on, making it a very comfortable and functional orthosis with a high patient compliance.

The design has a stable thumb with an adjustable hook strap which can be attached directly to the surface. On the dorsal side of the hand the construction has an overlap with thermoplastic that stabilizes movement in the wrist. That overlap is secured with hook directly on the surface and can easily be adjusted. In the end of the orthosis is a fixed strap that provides a very good stability to the lever arm of the orthosis. From the APB/EPL tendon sheath tunnel the orthosis is completely open to prevent pressure over the first dorsal compartment. Proxi® DeQuervain is an excellent choice after cortisone injection. The orthosis should be used for 3-6 weeks, after decision from a therapist or doctor. In some cases the treatment might be extended for a longer time. 

Proxi® DeQuervain Stable can be re-molded if the angle of the wrist or the thumb part needs to be changed. Simply immerse the part of the splint that need to be corrected into hot water 75-80 degree C. Dry the material with a towel and then apply on the patient. Let it cool completely before removing. 

Note that the product is available in a left or right version. The sizes overlap, for optimal function we recommend to try the ortosis individually. 

Indications: De Quervain's Tenosynovitis

For sizing measure the circumference of the wrist. 

Splint length on ulnar side: Small 160mm, Medium 165mm, Large 190 mm


Product Code: MR2740-w/s