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The Proxi® CMC is an orthosis that has been designed for patients with CMC-1 problems. The design features a pre-molded volar platform in thermoplastic that helps to create a better joint space for the CMC-joint. The volar platform has an opening over the thenar eminence where a semi-elastic hook strap can be attached to provide active support along with assisting abduction of the thumb. The semi-elastic hook strap can be run over the CMC-joint and be attached on the dorsal side for optimal and individual support.

The pre-molded volar platform is made from Immo+® 1,6 mm thermoplastic and can be re-shaped individually without using hot water or a heatgun. Simply adjust it by hand. The Mediroyal Proxi® CMC is made from Neptune™
which is hydrodynamic, breathable and skin friendly. No edging tapes are needed which makes it possible to trim the shape by using a pair of scissors. The dorsal closure is made with an overlap design with a micro hook.

Available in Left and Right model

Proxi® is a trademark of Mediroyal Sweden AB
Immo+® is a registered trademark of T-Tape Company.

Indications: CMC-1 Related Problems, Osteoarthritis

For sizing measure the circumference of the wrist.


Product Code: MR2381-w/s