NRX® Thumb -Short-w/s

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Item number: NRX201RXSS-w/s

A flexible tumb orthosis that is made of 2 mm microperforated NRX® material with a soft textile surface on the inside and a Velcro fabric on the outside. The thumb grip and wrist strap are made of NRX® low profile hook and can be applied anywhere on the outside of the orthosis. The NRX® material provides both thermal insulation and ventilation. The design provides good support for the thenar muscles in abduction and general support over the wrist. Available in two different sizes. The short model is slimmer and with a narrower wrist strap, the long model is slightly longer and provides more support over the wrist.

The wrist part length/width is 55mm

Right and left version.

Measure the wrist circumference for sizing.

Indications: Arthritis, CMC- Or MCP Related Problems, Inflammations, Instabilities


Product code: NRX201-w/s