NRX® Thenax Opponent Thumb Orthosis-w/s

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Item number: MR2181RXXS-w/s

The NRX® Thenax Opponent is a custom moldable thumb for CMC-1 problems. It features an NRX® ortosis with a volar pocket for a thermoplastic part that can be custom molded to support the CMC-joint. The ortosis is made from NRX® material lined with Neptune™ textile for a high comfort. The pocket is made from 0,7 mm NRX® material where the thermoplastic is inserted. The thermoplastic part can be molded in the pocket by adding hot water or molded externally and then inserted into the pocket. 

The orthosis has low profile hook for the thumb and wrist closure and an elastic hook strap that can be used to provide custom support over the CMC joint. The closure around the wrist features a D-ring that makes application easy. 

For size measure the circumference of the wrist. 


Indications: CMC-1 Instabilities, Post Operative CMC Surgery


Product code: MR2181