Neptune™ Edging Tape and Padding-w/s

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Item number: EU461020-w/s

The Mediroyal Neptune™ material is used in our popular Proxi® thumbs and is a hydrodynamic and functional material with high comfort. Now it is also available as self-adhesive edging tape and padding material. The material is made from nylon, polyester and spandex and has a high elasticity. It is also only 0,4 mm and extremely thin, making it possible to use in custom orthotics with very limited space. The self-adhesive surface is allergy tested and has a water base which adheres to most textiles and thermoplastic materials. 

Neptune™ Edging Tape 20 mm and 30 mm width, 5 meter per roll, Grey
Neptune™ Padding Material 30 cm width, 1 meter per roll, Grey


Product Code: EU461020-w/s, EU461030-w/s, EU461300-w/s