NRX® Pre-Cut Hook for 30, 50 & 110 mm Strap-w/s

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Item number: EU446001-w/s

The pre-cut packs with low profile hook parts are the same ones included in the NRX® Strap packs. They are packaged in small bags for direct application.

The NRX® Strap is available in three different widths; 30mm, 50mm and 110mm. The length of the roll is 3.1 meters and pre-cut low profile hook parts are included in the package.

NRX® Strap is a new material based on CR neoprene that can be used for individual orthotic solutions for patients with different needs. Either temporarily for diagnostic purposes or as a permanent solution. The surface has a Velcro function and together with the pre-punched low-profile hooks, the band can be applied exactly as you like. The elasticity is very good and the material maintains the compression during use. The NRX® material has a friction effect that stimulates proprioception when applied over, for example, joints or the skin surface. It is perforated for ventilation of the skin surface and can also be machine washed at 60 degrees for optimal hygiene. The material is 100% latex-free and also has a heat-insulating effect locally, which can provide increased joint mobility, reduced pain and reduced inflammation. The NRX® material is tested for skin irritation by SGS Ultra Trace & Industrial Safety Hygiene.

Product Code: EU446001-w/s, EU446002-w/s, EU446003-w/s