NRX® STRAP 110MM X 3.1M-w/s

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Item number: EU446110-w/s

NRX® Strap and NRX® Strap Colors are made from mineral-based CR foam with closed cells and completely free of latex rubber and ETU. The surface is microperforated for optimal ventilation and has a friction effect over the skin surface that can increase proprioception, muscle memory and joint position sense. NRX® Straps are supplied on 3.1m rolls and can be cut to size individually. The material can be individually adjusted easily and secured in place with a micro Velcro. The orthosis can then be reused on the same patient it was first tested on, which makes it easy for the patient to re-apply the orthosis correctly. NRX® Strap can also be machine washed at 60 degrees C to maintain safe hygiene.

NRX® Straps can be used for most base applications and can be reinforced or combined with NRX® Strap PLUS or NRX® Double for individual support and correction.

• Medium stability
• High elasticity
• Friction surface on the inside


Product code: EU446110, EU44210, EU446310,