Proxi® TFCC Strap

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Today most severe TFCC-injuries are treated surgically to reconstruct the ligament function. Less severe injuries can sometimes be rehabilitated with hand exercises and an orthosis. The Proxi® TFCC Strap has been designed to be used both pre-operative to reduce the instability and to maintain strength and function of the hand, but it can also be used in the later post-op phase when functional training has started.

The Mediroyal Proxi® TFCC has a U-shaped stabilization element made from a pre-shaped thermoplastic that is positioned over the ulnar side of caput ulna to support the DRU joint during loading. The U-shaped support element is made from a molecular modified thermoplastic that can be adjusted without heat. The thermoplastic is laminated directly onto a NRX® Strap material with a friction surface on the inside to prevent sliding during activity.

To further support the DRU joint individually there are two dynamic straps that are attached in each end of the U-shaped element. The first part of the strap is made from an elastic hook part that can be attached onto the main body, providing more dynamic support over the ulnar part of the U-shaped element. The next part of the strap is made from NRX® Strap PLUS that is non-elastic, providing additional support. The strap is then attached over the U-shaped element by a hook strap. This provides an individual and dynamic support to the DRU-joint without limiting extension or flexion in the wrist and provides a good suspension of the support. The palm of the hand is free which makes gripping of tools or rackets easy. 

Proxi® TFCC Strap is available in three sizes and works universally for left/right hand.

For size measure the wrist circumference.


Indications: Instability Over The DRU-Joint After TFCC Injury, Subluxation Of the Ulnar Head, Pain/Weakness Over The Ulnar Part Of The Wrist.


Product code: MR2707