NRX® Manex Radial 2.0

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Item number: MR2285RXS

This orthosis has been specially designed for radial nerve palsy or drop-hand syndrome but can also be used for other diagnostic groups. It can replace and support weak muscles and support a functional grip. The kit consists of a dorsal wrist part with a thermoplastic insert, finger platform, a thumb piece and a foam strap. The foam strap can replace the finger platform when used as a night splint. The thermoplastic piece can be molded individually over the dorsal part of the hand by using hot water (75-80 degrees C). That can be done either directly in the pocket of the brace or externally and then inserted into the pocket once it’s stable. The dorsal splint creates a platform where the finger and thumb parts can be attached for individual extension assist.

The new NRX® Manex Radial 2.0 has been improved on several points:
• A thinner and more flexible NRX® material provides a lower profile
• Injection molded hook with excellent performance
• Improved thumb design with a slightly less stretch for more extension support and a full hook receivable surface where the new micro hook can be attached anywhere.
• An improved finger platform design, also with a hook receivable surface allowing attachment of the hook anywhere.
• Additional sizes XS and XL.

For size, measure the circumference around the wrist.


Indications: Radial Nerve Palsy,Drop Hand Syndrome, After CVA,Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,Post Traumatic After Distal Radius Fracture, Ulnar Deviation Of The MCP-Joints


Product code: MR2285