DEX® Wrist Brace Long

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Mediroyal DEX® is a new concept for wrist stabilization that features two splints on the dorsal side, one splint on the ulnar side and a pre-shaped splint on the volar side. The DEX® wrists can be used to support the wrist in dorsal extension, ulnar deviation and volar flexion. The splints can be removed and adjusted if needed which allows more specific stability. 

The two dorsal splints and the ulnar splint is made from a thin spring steel with plastic coating. The splints can easily be adjusted to off-load the caput ulna head or to provide more effective ulnar support. The volar splint is our stable dark blue quality for maximum stability for the mid and long versions and our pre-shaped aluminium splint for the short version. 

The DEX® wrists are available in three different lengths and a glove design with a Lycra tongue and a lace-up system for easy application. The lace-up system goes from radial side and attaches on the ulnar side of the brace. The hook tabs are made from micro hook that provides a low profile and secure attachment. The thumb strap has a Ventus tab that can be adjusted individually to expose more hook. 

The DEX® wrist design is made from a combination between Neptune™ and Ventus™ materials. The Neptune™ material is placed in the volar part and the Ventus™ in the dorsal part. The fleece lining in the dorsal part increase comfort. 

The DEX® line is compatible with the NRX® Strap and can be used to attach the NRX® strap when a stable wrist is needed. 

For size, measure the circumference around the wrist.


Indications: General Wrist Instabilities, Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), Ulnar Instability, Tendonitis


Product code: MR2271