Mediroyal Manex Ulnar

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Item number: MR2241RXS

The Mediroyal Manex Ulnar is a wrist brace designed to assist and support patients with ulnar deviation of the MCP-joints. The glove-type design has a lace-up closure system that makes application easy and individual finger tabs for stabilization.

The brace has four main parts for assisting ulnar deviation.

• The adjustable MCP-tabs can assist and re-align the MCP-joints. They are easily adjustable can be attached anywhere on the dorsal part with the low profile hook part.

• The low profile ulnar splint that is made from a flexible spring material. It’s mounted in the open pocket on the ulnar side of the brace and can be adjusted individually to the patient to assist the zig-zag position of the wrist.

• The volar splint provides the basic stability of the brace, assisting the ulnar splint. The closure system is designed to be attached over the ulnar part of the brace to provide more stability.

• The modular wrist strap can be used to provide more stability over the wrist. It’s attached onto the hook part of lace-up closure system and wrapped around the wrist.

The Manex Ulnar is made from our Neptune™ material that is hydrodynamic and breathable. The upper surface is made from a loop textile that allows the lace-up closure system and the MCP-tabs to be applied anywhere on the surface. The thumb part is adjustable to accommodate patients with swelling over the MCP-joint. The thumb strap is attached on the dorsal side just under the MCP-tabs. A Lycra tongue has been applied over the radial side to make application easier and adding more comfort.

For size, measeure the circumference around the wrist.

Indications: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulnar Deviation Of The MCP Joints

Product code: MR2241