NRX® Strap Kit -Twin Bandages for fingers & Toes

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Item number: NRX1007-06

Twin bandages can be useful for starting mobilization after an injury by using the adjacent finger for support. They can also be used for immobilization of fingers and toes after sprains. The NRX® Strap has a skin friction surface on the inside to prevent slipping. 

The NRX® Strap Kit Twin Bandages are available in two qualities:  NRX® Strap with more flexibility, and NRX® Strap PLUS with more rigidity. This allows you to increase functional stability by using the NRX® Strap PLUS quality proximal for more stability and support over the MCP and the NRX® Strap quality distally of the PIP-joint. The twin straps have a welded hook over one of the ends and can easily be cut in the other end for a custom fit. 

Economical and very comfortable wear, one strap costs only €1.50 when bought in the 60-pack.

Indications: Spasticity, Instabilities, Finger Fractures and Dislocations, Hypermobilitiy


Product Code: NRX1007-06, NRX1007-30, NRX1007-60, NRX1008-06, NRX1008-30, NRX1008-60, NRX1009-06, NRX1009-30, NRX1009-60