Item number: EU449030

NRX® Strap PLUS has a high stability and no elasticity. It has a friction surface on the inside though rarely used when applied directly to the skin. NRX® Strap PLUS is used as stabilization over NRX® Strap and NRX® Double to provide more local stability or correction. NRX® Strap PLUS can also be used as an anchor above joints to provide a secure attachment or application.

• High stability 
• No stretch 
• Friction surface on the inside

NRX® Strap PLUS is available in the following widths 30 mm, 50 mm and 80 mm, the widths include 10 Velcro closures in the package. The 110 mm width includes 5 Velcro closures. Pre-punched hacksaw bits are available to buy separately and on a roll, see NRX® Hook and NRX® Low Profile Hook.

Product code: EU449030